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Today, we rely so heavily on information systems that a computer outage leaves tens, hundreds or even thousands of well-paid employees with little or nothing to do, and leaves customers without the means to buy from you or to receive service.

Customers expect to be able to visit your Web site at their convenience. Customers in different time zones around the world expect to be treated equally. Businesses running multiple shifts expect to be able to interact with your systems whenever their employees are working. When competitors are only a click away, the potential loss of customer loyalty and revenue due to system downtime is enormous.

98% of respondents in an International Data Corporation (IDC) survey stated that unscheduled system downtime significantly affects their business.

Uninterrupted business operations are imperative for today's enterprise. ERP solutions, eBusiness, business-intelligence software and people networked together in virtual organisations are all elements of many modern and successful businesses. These new solutions create a requirement for 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year data and application availability. No exceptions.

Michael Foot, a managing director at the FSA, says
"It is essential that all firms ensure that they are properly prepared. None of us can afford to be complacent about the challenges that inevitably arise in an environment where the potential threat is so great."

Recovery Management Consultants provide the services that enable your business to survive in this new marketplace. Not just for your IT department but your whole business.