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From hosted web servers to office email servers it is now possible and cost effective to employ Off-site Backup solutions for critical data using existing external bandwidth. These solutions can be real time or overnight.

Many companies use the "off-site tape" method, sending a backup copy of critical data offsite every night. In the event of a disaster, recovery involves setting up the necessary IT infrastructure & restoring from tape - not to mention the loss of all data changes since the backup was performed. Anybody who has restored a single critical server from backup tapes will know this can take hours or days. In a disaster recovery situation, you may have to recover 10, 50 or more servers at the same time - with the business losing money and customers, hour by hour. In real terms this could result in the company going out of business.

Perceived cost? Think about what affect the loss of that data will have on your business.

Recovery Management Consultants have market proven solutions that provide the best level of data and business protection in the event of any type of technical or physical disaster.