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Small-to-large sized enterprises depend on reliability and protection solutions for their business-critical applications, data, networks and servers, and these solutions have become one of the top priorities in corporate IT departments. Reliability of end-user application services can only be attained if all components required to execute user requests are up and running. These include a wide variety of server and storage hardware, databases, operating systems and middleware technologies as well as application software itself. As a result, the best High Availability software products must be able to manage and protect the uptime of all of critical data, end-to-end, across platforms, from LAN to WAN.

High Availability allows you to retain access to your critical data and applications even during system, or system-component, failures. It is achieved through fault tolerance and other Availability Management strategies. Our professionals at Recovery Management Consultants can sort through the complexity of various computing hardware, peripherals, communications equipment, operating systems and infrastructure to help you develop a high availability and recovery solution that best suits your business needs.

Managing system availability is a critical part of many IT departments' function. System failures cost money, and sometimes jobs. To help those managing systems to plan for downtime, Recovery Management Consultants offer high availability products such as Double-Take. We can offer these products as a stand-alone solution or part of our Managed Availability Service.

If you would like to know more about the High Availability products on offer please follow this Double-Take link.