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Business continuity is vital to business success. It can no longer remain the concern of the IT department alone. How do you determine the continuity and recovery requirements of your business? How do you identify and integrate critical business and IT priorities into a comprehensive continuity program? Where do you start? Right here.

Depending on your pre-determined tolerance for information loss, requirements and budget, you can choose to restore your operating environment in days, hours or even minutes. We use our business and technological expertise to help keep your information flowing--and your business running.

Recovery Management Consultants’ expertise in developing a business continuity plan for your business follows a proven approach that will protect your business.

1. Review your business for areas of vulnerability (Risk Assessment):

Departments that are critical to cash flow
Departments that are critical to business operations
Telecommunication systems
Computer operations

2. What happens if something goes wrong (Business Impact Analysis):

Competitor's threat, while you are out of operation
Hourly/Daily impact on cash flow
Impact on ability to sell your products or services
Cost of recovery

3. Develop a workable Business Continuity Plan, taking into consideration:

Minimum human resources
Communication needs
Computer/Data Processing needs
Physical facilities
Emergency product suppliers
Relocation/Housing requirements
Customer/Vendor notification

4. Develop an implementation plan, including:

Emergency Computer/Human facilities
Paper/Information flow
Long-term facilities during recovery period
Personnel notification

5. Testing

"Bench" testing
Phone Tree
Emergency facilities
Mock emergency drill